Sunday, March 15, 2015

Round Easter Basket Tutorial

Cut 5 8"x1" strips of Crumb Cake for the basket spines. Use your bone folder to curl them and make them a bit more malleable.
Cut 1 11"x3/4" strip of Crumb Cake for the top of the basket.

Cut one 10" x 3/4" strip of Crumb Cake for the handle.

NOTE: You can choose to sponge Soft Suede ink along the long edges of all the strips, including the top strip. Of course you'll sponge before assembling!!

Add two strips of Sticky Strip along the inside edge (the edge that will be inside the basket--if you've sponged, the sponging is the outside) of the 11" x 3/4" strip of Crumb Cake card stock.

Align the first 8"x1" strip to the left corner of the basket edge. (Remember that the sponged side will be face down--toward the outside of the basket.)

Attach the remaining four 8"x1" strips to the basket rim.

The next steps are a little tricky. Take the bottom of the first strip on the left and attach it next to the last strip on the right. Like this:

Repeat with the next four strips. The basket will begin to form and will start rounding. The last strip will take a little manipulation.

Finally, attach the ends of the basket rim to form your basket.

You may need to manipulate the pieces and round the basket. I put my fist inside the basket and rounded the basket around it. Here's what the bottom will look like when you've finished.

The basket needs a bottom so it will sit flat. Punch a 2-1/2" circle and attach to the bottom of the basket.

For the grass insert, I cut an 11" x 3" piece of Wild Wasabi and then fringed one side with Fringe Scissors. I formed a circle and just dropped the piece into the basket.

 Finally, I attached the handle with a couple of mini brads.

Here's the finished product.

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