Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creation Station: Gift Box Punch Board Lighted Banner

Welcome to Creation Station! The design team has come up with some awesome projects for you! The featured stamp set is "Wondrous Wreath" and the theme is wreath-themed home decor projects. Our accessory is the Gift Box Punch Board.

I'm having trouble thinking outside the Wondrous Wreath and matching framelits box. There are so many cute projects out there on Pinterest and Splitcoast Stampers that I'm afraid anything I'd come up with would be redundant and derivative. So I'm going to skip the stamp set and the wreath theme and go right to the Gift Box Punch Board and home decor project. OK? OK, then.

I've had this idea brewing in my mind for quite a while and I've even made some origami boxes in an attempt to bring my idea to life. But the origami boxes were too bulky and took too much paper and the light didn't shine through. But then the new catalog came out with the Typeset Specialty Series paper and then the Gift Box Punch Board came out in the holiday mini and I knew that I'd have to sit down and make my idea come to life!

Here's my banner of lighted boxes! I used the book pages from the Typeset Specialty Series Paper because I wanted this banner to hang on my daughter's bookshelf. She's an avid reader and I knew this would be just the thing for her!

Banner with room lights off
Banner with room lights on

(If you're viewing this blog on a mobile device, you might be missing the short video of the blinking lights in action!)

If you want to make your own, I've included a picture tutorial after the "Next" and "Back" buttons. But if you can't wait to continue along the blog hop, go ahead and use the "Next" and "Back" buttons. I know you'll LOVE the design team's projects (and I know they have some awesome ideas for the "Wondrous Wreath" stamp set for you)!!

Gift Box Punch Board Lighted Banner Tutorial

Start with a 6" x 6" piece of Typeset Specialty Series Paper. Align the left side of the paper against the S on the Gift Box Punch Board. Follow the instructions on the punch board--punching and scoring all 4 sides of the paper. Turn it over, as directed, and punch all four sides again. DO NOT make the tabs on the corners; you will not need them for this project. PRO TIP: Don't press too hard when you score, or you'll cut the paper. A light touch is all that's needed. (Ask me how I know.)


Use your bone folder to fold all the scored lines so they're easier to manipulate when forming the box.

Normally, you don't need any adhesive at all when making the gift box, but for the banner, we want all the sides sealed tight. So, put a line of snail (or Tombo) down one side of the inner corner....

....and adhere to form the corner of the box. Repeat for all for corners.

Put a bit of adhesive on the underside of the box tops and adhere THREE to form the top of the box. You can still get your fingers inside to squeeze to make sure they're adhered well.

Flip the last flap out so that you can mark the center. You'll punch here. I made a smaller punch on the outside flap so the light didn't pull through.

After you punch the flap, fold it onto the top of the cube, but DON'T adhere yet! Use the punched hole as a guide to mark where you need to punch the inside flaps. I used a larger hole punch for the inside flaps.

Next, place 3 glue dots around the top flap--but DON'T adhere yet!

Insert the light through the top flap and then through the bottom flaps. NOW you can adhere the top flap!!

Here's the finished cube.


  1. Thanks for sharing this adorable project, many ideas already floating in my mind.
    Will be trying one for Christmas. Have a joy filled week.

  2. What a great idea to make box luminaries! (I've done the curvy keepsake box!) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. what a great idea.... I'd be a bit nervous about the heat from the lights though.... if you would like to challenge yourself some more, my blog is involved in a fun challenge this week! check it out if you wish!

    1. Terri: The lights are LED and they don't get hot at all! (Of course, I'd still turn them off when I wasn't around to keep an eagled-eyed watch on them!!

  4. LOVE THIS IDEA!! Thank you for sharing the tutorial of how you did this!!!