Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sliding Pop-Up Window Card Tutorial

Here's how to make this fun interactive card!

Start with a half sheet of card stock (5-1/2" by 8-1/2"). Score the card stock along the long edge at 2" and 6".

NOTE: I embossed my card with the Subtle 3D Embossing Folder. You can let your card stock "hang" 2" outside the embossing folder and run it through one way and it will mark your 2" score line. Turn it around and let it hang 2-1/2" outside the folder and it will mark your 6" score line. And you'll have embossed the entire piece!

Next, cut a window by cutting 1/2" from the bottom and 1/2" from each of the score lines, like this:

Score the un-cut top of the window, then score again 1-1/2" from the first score line, and again at 3" from the first score line.

Fold the scores like this (valley, mountain, valley):

Cut a 3-3/4" by 5" card stock piece and stamp your sentiment. Place the scored and cut card stock base face down and place your sentiment piece face down in the center.

Next, add Tear & Tape to the bottom of the two side flaps (only one flap shown), to the back of the top of the sentiment piece (not shown), and to the long side of the wider flap. Adhere the shorter flap and then the longer flap, making an envelope.

Cut a second 3-3/4" by 5" card stock piece. Slip that piece inside the card, in front of the sentiment piece, and adhere it to the bottom of the thin window flap. This is your pulling mechanism.You can add a ribbon to decorate.

Decorate the front any way you like. I used a 2-3/4" by 3-1/2" Whisper White mat, with a 2-5/8" by 3-3/8" Gray Granite mat, and a 2-1/4" by 3-1/4" stamped image. Adhere this to the front of the mountain so the image stands up when the mechanism is pulled.

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