Saturday, January 17, 2015

Need a Birthday Card in a Flash?

You know you've been there: Your sweet child says, "Mom! Can I go to Sally's birthday party? In an hour?" You don't want to be "that mom" who sends your sweetie to the party without a gift and, heaven forbid, with a store bought card. Oh no! What to do?

Here's what you do? You check out my newest Pinterest board "10-Minute Birthday Cards," that's what you do! I've scoured the Pinterest world for real-life cards YOU can make in 10 minutes (or less) and send your sweet baby to the party with the most wonderful, hand-made, piece of art. Don't think about what the grubby-handed birthday child will do with the card. Their mama will know it was made with love!

And while you're there...why not follow me on Pinterest? Now you can find me at Faithful INKspirations on Pinterest.

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