Saturday, May 6, 2017

Origami Box Tutorial

This box is really easy to make but I highly recommend using your bone folder and your patience.  If my pictorial tutorial doesn't work for you, try searching You Tube for tutorials on origami box with lid.

I started with a 12" x 12" piece of designer series paper. I used my Stampin' Score Board to score it at 6", rotated it a quarter turn, and then scored at 6" again, giving you four quadrants. Next, I folded the corner of the DSP to the X in the center of the paper, like this. (If you've ever made a cootie catcher, you'll be able to do this first step!)

Do this for all 4 corners. Once they're all folded in, you'll fold the paper into thirds, like this.

Now open it up to the four-corner folded square, rotate a quarter turn, and fold the paper into thirds, again.

Open the paper up all the way and position it so that one corner is facing your belly and the other is facing away.  You'll squeeze two of the folds in like this. . .
. . .and then you'll overlap the two folds like this.

The "column" is the folded panel under my thumb. There's a score on the back that will allow you to fold the "column" toward the inside of the box so that it tucks in and forms the corner of the box, like this. Make sure to use your bone folder to really make those folds crisp.

On the opposite side, squeeze the sides together like this until they overlap.

Your box is almost done. Again, use your bone folder to crisp up those folded lines and edges.

Finally, fold the top of the box forward to make the lid.

I know it's not really origami if you use an adhesive, but I don't care. I place a single glue dot where the arrows are pointing. Go ahead and "cheat." No one will know!

Here's the inside of the finished box with some filler and a gift card.

And here's the outside, fully decorated.

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