Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Project Life by Stampin' Up

I was so excited to see that Stampin' Up has partnered with the Project Life scrapbooking system. This is a quick way to get all your pictures into a scrapbook--and to use exclusive Stampin' Up colors and designs in the process. 

I never wanted to scrapbook--it just seemed too complicated and time-consuming. But Project Life by Stampin' Up makes it so easy! The hardest part for me was digging out the scads of photos that I had hidden in my closet for that "someday" when I would get around to scrapbooking. And then I realized that most of the pictures I've taken over the last umpteen and a half years are, well, not "scrapbook quality." But I persisted and pulled together a couple of pages so I can show you, my faithful blog readers, and have a couple to show at my open house this week.

Here's what I came up with in less than 30 minutes (not counting the search for appropriate photos).

There's a great board on Pinterest featuring Project Life by Stampin' Up--check it out!

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